Microraves Guest Mix

Microraves Guest Mix - Episode 003; Curated by David Lunch.






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Microraves Guest Mix

About Senaida:
Music is my most fluent language, even though I speak six other languages. I find it easiest to express myself through music and I’ve been doing it ever since I was three years old. I was trained as a classical pianist at a pre-college conservatory program and made my Carnegie Hall debut at 15. By that point, my interest for playing other people’s music had waned and I began teaching myself how to produce music. I wrote an EP and released it, and then I moved to New York to study at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU. During my junior year, I studied abroad in Berlin where I fell in love with club culture and techno. I could see myself curating a sonic experience for other people and connecting to them through music. I started practicing on my friend’s deck and played my first set ever on Refuge Worldwide in Berlin. My work focuses on the intersections of art, identity, technology and sustainability so I wanted to create an event that brought a variety of interdisciplinary artists together to share ideas and have conversations. I’m working on finishing an album that I had started when I was in Berlin and we’re currently crowdfunding to create a cyborg version of me for the music video.

Q: What's the best party you've ever been to?
A: This past weekend, XPIZZA celebrated their 1-year anniversary. The 13 hours of music was incredible, but everybody there is my family -- I feel lucky they've adopted me. I’d never seen the place so packed and everyone was smiling and dancing together

Undoubtedly, Cristiano knows how to host a great party, but he’s also created such a beautiful underground community and I am so grateful to have finally found a place like that.

Q: What ultimately sparked your love for electronic music?
A: I think my love for electronic music goes back to when I was learning music history in conservatory. I had gotten through all the eras of Classical music and we were learning about minimalist music and the twelve-tone series.

I was really interested in the sounds they were creating in the 1950s and 60s, and then I discovered Suzanne Ciani. I spent the first two years in New York obsessively collecting records, mainly trying to create a catalogue of early women electronic music pioneers such as Daphne Oram, Wendy Carlos, Delia Derbyshire, Laurie Anderson & I became particularly interested in techno after reading “Der Klang der Famile” and experiencing it in Berlin.

Q: Describe your approach for making this mix.
A: Although I mainly play hybrid sets which include some techno, trance, IDM, breakbeat, or even ambient tracks, I wanted to keep this tight since we only had 30 minutes. I picked tracks that really resonate with me in my process of self-discovery at the moment. Since I’m so new to DJing (only been in the scene for 6.5 months), all of these tracks sound new to me and I like to place things in different contexts to tell a story.

I’d say that first piano note we hear is a calling from my past and as the mix progresses, it gets more and more intense until all the noise and anxiety melts away.

The last track is my favorite because my friend AM.E.R just dropped an insane Indian hip-hop/electronic dance album, and I couldn’t be more proud of him. I remember he showed one of the tracks at an early WE ARE THE FUTURE! Party and everyone was blown away. The track has these crazy beat switches at the beginning and the end, almost as if you’re waking up from a dream but you don’t know if you’re still dreaming.

Liquid Soul & Zyce Feat. Solar Kid - Anjuna (Symbolic & Outsiders Remix)
Zoë Mc Pherson - Wait
The Chemical Brothers - The Darkness That You Fear (HAAi Remix)
T78, Zen - Europa
Giant Swan - RRR+1
Ani Klang - Power of 100
Funk Assault - Let Me (Ghetto Mix)
Deborah de Luca - Wild
Pleasurekraft - Tarantula (Senya Frost Bootleg)
AM.E.R - fbc

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